Conduct unbecoming is a phrase used to refer to behavior considered dishonorable. 

This includes among others:

  • Bringing public disgrace on Darshan Yeshiva, its properties PunkTorah and OneShul, its rabbis and/or staff members; 
  • Inappropriate conduct detrimental to Darshan Yeshiva and its processes; 
  • Disrespect of a rabbi's or administrator's person or time;
  • Anti-Semitic, anti-Israel or other negative attitudes expressed to a rabbi or administrator;
  • Repeated disregard for yeshiva policies or rabbis' requirements including but not limited to dishonesty or failure to provide applicable information during the application and/or interview processes; inability to adhere to an agreed upon meeting and/or payment schedule, etc.

In the event that a student displays conduct unbecoming of a Darshan Yeshiva student and/or member of the Jewish people, his or her program will be discontinued without refund of any previous payments, and he or she along with his or her sponsoring rabbi (if any) will be notified via email. This is at the discretion of Darshan Yeshiva rabbis and administrators.