At Darshan Yeshiva, we understand life happens and not always according to (our) plan. 

Should you encounter an unexpected life event (e.g., change in employment / financial situation, significant health or family concerns, etc.), please complete the following steps to suspend/cancel your program and ensure your progress:

  • If you are in a Guided program (e.g., Comprehensive Jewish Studies, Darshan Training, Conversion to Judaism, etc.), please notify your mentor by email to his or her address.
  • In addition, you should also contact the help desk at to let us know you will be pausing her or her programming to address whatever personal matter has taken priority.

Upon receiving your communication, the help desk will provide you with instructions to suspend/cancel your program, and you will be marked, "Inactive." Once you are ready and able to resume your studies and/or mentoring where you left off, simply email the help desk at for re-registration instructions and a discount code to account for any previous payments made.

In the event your mentor and Darshan Yeshiva do not advance receive notification of your leave, you will be considered, "Inactive -- Without Notice," until you contact the help desk and your mentor to address any outstanding requirements (e.g., missed payments, re-registration, etc.).

IMPORTANT: A student who is Inactive -- without notice for a period longer than three (3) months will be dismissed from his or her program. In addition, he or she will forfeit any previously made payments. Finally, if the dismissed student wishes to continue his or her studies with Darshan Yeshiva, he or she will be required to register for a new program and may be asked to select and/or assigned a new mentor based upon availability.

In order to provide students a high quality Jewish educational experience, Darshan Yeshiva only provides refunds to conversion students.