We strive to provide the best service possible to our students. Sometimes we fail and we are really sorry about that.

Please note that we provide regularly scheduled support Monday through Friday from Noon - 5PM Eastern Time, with occasional support on Sundays. We are closed on Jewish holidays. If you have not heard from us, please reply to your support ticket so that you will jump to the head of the support "line".

Also, all of our support is handled through this support desk. Emailing us outside of the support desk is not always effective at getting in touch with us for a few reasons:

  • The support desk helps us stay organized on who has been helped and needs help, as well as each student's support history. Email does not have that feature
  • Emails have a weird way of disappearing. We think it's gnomes that steal our emails while we sleep (kidding!)
  • We love social media and so do our rabbis, but they are not involved in technical support, so reaching out to them on Facebook isn't so effective