All of the conversions performed by our rabbis are recognized by their respective movement (Reform, Renewal, Conservative, etc.) Additionally, the rabbis who serve in our program are heavily vetted and are given strong background checks.

If you are seeking a conversion for the sake of recognition by a movement, synagogue or bet in (for example the Reform Movement, Masorti, Liberal, etc.) then you need to work with a rabbi who is part of that movement. For example, if you are interested in joining a Reform synagogue, you would need to work with a Reform rabbi.

Working with a rabbi from a different movement other than the movement you seek recognition from (or with a post-denominational rabbi who is not connected to any movement, let alone the one you seek recognition from) is not advised. This is true of both Darshan Yeshiva and brick and mortar synagogues.

Additionally, religion in the United States is more fluid than in other countries. Please take this into consideration when choosing which path to take.

There is no single, multinational, inter-religious definition of what is a correct conversion to Judaism. There are conversions within the Orthodox community that are not accepted by other Orthodox communities, for example. The question of which rabbi to choose for your conversion is a question of what matters to you (movement recognition, aliyah, etc). We recommend you research conversion to Judaism on our website, speak with rabbis in your community, and come up with a plan for conversion that is right for you. Ultimately, what religious path you choose should be a question of freedom of conscience.

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