A conversion student's fees include his or her online educational materials, at least ten months of one-on-one mentoring sessions with a sponsoring rabbi, and his or her mikvah upkeep fees and beit din honoraria (if applicable). 

Students are expected to coordinate and pay for their own travel (including visa sponsorship) and accommodations to get themselves to/from their rabbis' respective location for their beit din and mikvah. In addition, male candidates will be expected to coordinate and pay for expenses related to their brit milah/hatafat.

After your conversion, you will continue to have a relationship with your conversion mentor. Each month, your rabbi/cantor checks in with you for an hour, answers Jewish questions you may have and provides you with ongoing support. You can choose to cancel your post-conversion education if you would like. The fee for ongoing support is $80.00 USD per month. Students are automatically enrolled in ongoing conversion support and must opt-out in order to not be charged the $80.00 monthly fee.