Once you’ve completed your Conversion to Judaism online studies and settled your student tuition and fees payments (if any), Darshan Yeshiva will notify your conversion mentor accordingly. 

At this time, you and your mentor may wish to schedule a date/time for your ritual ceremonies (e.g., beit din, mikvah, etc.). Please note: From this point onward, you will work directly with your mentor. Darshan Yeshiva does not involve itself in the coordination of ritual ceremonies or finalization and/or filing of conversion certificates.

As a Conversion to Judaism student with Darshan Yeshiva, you may expect to receive at least two (2) forms of documentation acknowledging your completion of your program.

  1. Darshan Yeshiva Certificate of Completion - You will automatically receive this certificate upon completion of your online conversion studies, so you will have already received a copy of this certificate by the time you schedule your ritual ceremonies, if applicable. This certificate acknowledges your efforts in completing the Jewish learning required for your conversion process.
  2. Your Rabbi’s or Cantor’s Conversion Certificate - After completing your conversion process to your mentor’s specifications (e.g., beit din, mikvah, etc.), you will also receive a certificate of conversion from him or her. This certificate acknowledges your efforts in completing a conversion to Judaism in accordance with halakha (Jewish law).

Darshan Yeshiva’s rabbis/cantors who serve as conversion mentors utilize a variety of certificate templates and/or formats, based upon their respective denominations as well as personal preferences. However, most conversion certificates will include some combination of the following: your Hebrew name, the date of your beit din/ mikvah, the name and signature of your sponsoring rabbi/cantor (who will serve as your av beit din), the names and signatures of the members of your beit din (rabbinic court), etc.

IMPORTANT: Once you receive these documents, we ask that you please file them away for your personal records. Darshan Yeshiva does not maintain records of all students’ conversion certificates and/or documentation. 

In the event you require an additional copy of your conversion certificate, you will need to contact your sponsoring rabbi/cantor directly, and you may incur an additional administrative fee at the rabbi/cantor’s discretion. In addition, if you wish to submit your certificate for filing (e.g., American Jewish Archives), we encourage you to work directly with your sponsoring rabbi/cantor to do so.

Please note our policies regarding additional requests for documentation, as listed in our Conversion Terms and Conditions